The Award Winning Team at Premier Subaru Branford CT

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  • Robert J. Alvine
    President and General Manager
    (888) 690-6710

    Bob Alvine is the President and General Manager of Premier Subaru.  Bob started the business in August, 2000 with the desire to create a Subaru dealership that would consistently exceed the expectations of customers.  Bob also wanted a company that was active and invested in the community in which it serves. 

    In addition to Premier Subaru, Bob is also President of Premier Kia (Branford, CT), and Premier Subaru Watertown (Watertown, CT).

    Bob is a graduate in Finance from the University of Rhode Island (and a HUGE Rhody Basketball Fan) and has a MBA from the University of New Haven.  Bob started his career in the banking industry and worked in various positions in Commercial Lending and Finance. 

    Bob is active with the University of Rhode Island Alumni Association, The University of New Haven, the Branford Chamber of Commerce (Board Member), the Amity Club of New Haven and other community organizations. 

    Recently, Bob was named to the Board of Directors of the Better Business Bureau of Connecticut and to the Board of Directors of Jane Doe No More.  Most recently, Bob was named to the Advisory Board of the University of Rhode Island College of Business.

    Bob is also Past Chairman of the Subaru of America National Dealer Advisory Board - a position that he cherishes - as he works to help the Subaru brand in the United States.

    Bob is an avid fan and supporter of the University of Rhode Island, and the URI basketball program! Go Rhody!

    Bob has an open door policy at Premier Subaru, so, if you have questions, or simply want to say "hi", please stop up. You can also email him directly or just pick up the phone.  Bob can be heard saying "The Customer is the Reason for Our Existence", so, he would love to hear from you.

    Robert Alvine

  • David Taylor
    General Sales Manager
    (888) 690-6710

    Day off: Friday

    David has been in the auto industry for 10 years. He sold cars for 1 year, moved on to a Sales Manager position at Infinity. He then went to Bertera Subaru of Hartford as the General Manager for 3.5 years and later to Garavel Subaru for 1.5 years. We are happy to have David join us as our General Sales Manager here, at Premier Subaru.

    David enjoys spending time with his wife Andrea and working around the farm with his horses, one a recent rescue, a 5 year old morgan named Trinity, and the other,  Delilah, a 14 year old Belgium Cross/ Throroughbred. He also has a Welsh Corgi named Cosmo and some rescue cats for the farm.

    David Taylor

  • Scott Taylor
    Sales Manager
    1(800) 411-4551

  • Will Petrillo
    Used Car Manager
    (888) 690-6710

    Will Petrillo

  • Rodney Pomerleau
    Business Manager
    (888) 690-6710

    Nickname: Rod-dizzle

    Day Off: Tuesday

    Rodney has been assisting clients with their financial requirements  purchasing automobiles for over 10 years.  He explores every avenue to ensure that the customer has the best coverage for their new or pre-owned vehicles.

    Spending some time in California, Rodney now calls Clinton, Connecticut home.  Some of his proudest moments were when he served as a Drill Instructor for the U.S. Marines, Semper Fi!

    Rodney loves to surround himself with loved ones, especially his loyal companion, Bentley. He is also an exotic car enthusiast and you can sometimes catch him scratching off a lottery ticket in which he is usually a winner.

    Please contact Rodney any time to discuss additional warranties available for your vehicle.

    Rodney Pomerleau

  • Adam Arsenault
    Business Manager
    (888) 690-6710

    Adam, a long time employee with the Premier Auto Group, is a native of Needham, Mass., who now lives in Orange with his wife, their two  beautiful daughters, and their two dogs, Ryder and Katie.  

    He enjoys camping, music, and watching one of his Boston sports teams win another championship.  

    As an 9 year veteran of the Subaru sales team, Adam has built up a long list of repeat and referral customers. Adam was recently promoted to Business Manager. 

    When he's not at Premier or watching a sporting event, he can be found playing with his daughters, walking the dogs in the woods, or having a campfire in his backyard.    

    Adam Arsenault

  • Barbara Mullen
    Client Advocate
    (888) 690-6710

    Day off:  Wednesday

    Even Bob has less seniority than Barb, as she began here at Premier Subaru before it was Premier Subaru.  Still, her experience as a sales consultant here at Premier is short compared to her total time in the automotive industry.  She's been in the business about 25 years and has worked in the sales, accounting, and customer service areas of several dealerships.

    Barb is Premier's community ambassador.  Although Barb is originally from Wallingford, CT, she's become a familiar face to many Branford town residents and is even a flute player in the Branford Town Band.  As such, she's the perfect person to represent Premier at the many events we participate in--the Guilford Fair, the Branford Town Festival, the North Haven Fair, and many more events throughout the year.

    When she is here at the dealership, she feels her primary responsibility is to provide each customer with a superlative buying experience.  She believes that "customers spend good money on cars these days--it should be a good experience for them."  She has the knowledge and expertise to walk customers through the entire buying process with ease.

    Barbara will listen to you and will help you find the right car for you and make sure you get a fair deal.

    Barbara Mullen


  • Joseph Zerbo
    Training Quality Control Manager
    1(800) 411-4551

    Joseph has over 25 years in a retail and customer service background, which makes him a good fit for the new position of Quality Control Manager, working with the sales staff to ensure that you, the customer, have a great experience at our store. 

    A resident of Stamford, Joseph loves Italian food and is a major history buff.  His favorite quote comes from Abe Lincoln who, during the Civil War, when having received complaints about General Ulysses S. Grant drinking alcohol to excess: "Find out what Grant drinks and send a barrel of it to each of my other generals!" 

    Joseph Zerbo

  • Marketing

  • Laurie Anne
    Director of Social Media
    (888) 690-6710

    Laurie Anne is responsible for implementing the Automotive Group's Social Media marketing plan, which includes blogging, creating online presence/ engagement, monitoring, and reputation management. Laurie is a social butterfly in the social media world! 

    Laurie Anne Alvine

  • Sales Department
    (203) 481-0687

  • Ted Astarita
    Certified Subaru Sales Consultant
    (888) 690-6710

    Day Off: Thursday

    Ted joined our team after an extensive sales career, most recently as a mortgage loan originator.  His current position brings him back to the automotive industry where he's spent time in service and sales positions.

    Dedicated to making sure every customer's needs are met and that all of their expectations are exceeded, Ted credits his success in sales to enjoying taking care of people.

    Ted Astarita

  • Dimitriy Naumovich
    Certified Subaru Sales Consultant
    1(888) 690-6710

    Before he joined our team, Dimitriy also gained experience in both sales and online marketing.  He travels every day to us from Westport to help you find the car you love.  He is always looking to help customers with information.  Ask as many questions as you like - he will find the answers.

    Dmitriy Naumovich

  • Sean Gadar
    Subaru Certified Sales Consultant
    (800) 411-4551

    Sean has worked in sales previously as an insurance sales agent with GEICO for 4 years, before moving into retail.  He has a girlfriend with a growing family, one of the main reasons he has gotten back into sales.  He is privileged to be a part of the Premier Subaru family and looks forward to building positive relationships with all of his clients now and in the future.

    Sean Gadar

  • Najee Smith
    Certified Subaru Sales Consultant
    (888) 690-6710

  • Christopher Grimes
    Certified Subaru Sales Consultant
    (888) 690-6710

    Chris comes to Premier after many years of experience with outside sales for the Yellow Pages and AT&T Media.  Originally from Wakefield, Rhode Island, he calls East Haven home.  His passion is to help clients understand what they need, and provide them with a satisfying experience that goes above and beyond normal expectations.  He is also a Diehard Red Sox fan.

  • Kevon Morin
    Certified Subaru Sales Consultant
    1(888) 690-6710

  • Kyle Evarts
    Certified Subaru Sales Consultant
    1(888) 690-6710

    Kyle joins our sales team after past experience with our service and parts department.  He has a passion for cars, which helps him find the right vehicle for your needs.  He is a resident of Killingworth, having gone to Haddam-Killingworth High School and attended Middlesex Community College.

  • Zachary Spillane
    Certified Subaru Sales Consultant
    1(888) 690-6710

    Nickname: Zack

    Zachary joins our Subaru sales team after previous experience with both Toyota and Mercedes-Benz.  He has owned 3 Subarus, including his current vehicle, a WRX.  

    Originally from Vallejo, California, he now resides in Guilford.  He is very active in outdoor sports and activities and uses his Subaru to bring his equipment wherever he goes.  

  • Nelson Lugo
    Certified Subaru Sales Consultant
    1(888) 690-6710

  • Rita Ruhland
    Internet Sales Manager
    (888) 690-6710

    Day off: Wednesday

    Currently residing in Stratford, Rita got into the car business 14 years ago.  She sincerely enjoys working on-line and works hard to promote the great customer satisfaction Premier offers it's on-line customers. Rita brings a lot of "smarts" to the team and she's a lot of fun and really wants to help everyone!

    Rita and her boyfriend, Jimmie, enjoy their two puggles, Zoe and Ace.  Rita also likes to hang out with her family as much as possible.

    Rita's favorite saying is, "They always can hear you smile when you're on the phone."   

    Rita Ruhland

  • Brian E. Canell
    Internet Sales Manager
    (888) 690-6710

    Day off: Thursday

    Brian has been with Premier since 2004, starting as a Subaru Certified Sales Consultant before getting promoted to his current position as Internet Sales Manager.  His unbreakable work ethic and dedication made him the perfect choice for a new position at the company in Business Development.  As such, he's responsible for making sure that everyone who contacts our dealership about buying a new or pre-owned vehicle has a great experience here.  Chances are, if you've ever considered a Premier vehicle, you've spoken with Brian.

    He's not your typical car guy, so he's able to empathize with a lot of customers who don't consider themselves "car guys" either.

    The work Subaru and Premier Subaru does with the ASPCA is something that Brian takes to heart.  He has a dog and three cats, all of which are rescues from shelters in Wallingford and Meriden. 

    When he's not busy keeping in touch with Premier's customers, he enjoys acting and singing and has been the lead in several recent plays including productions of Guys and Dolls and Pippin.  He is also a member of the Knights of Columbus - Silver City Council #2 in Meriden. 

    Born and raised in Wallingford, CT, Brian and his wife Jen now reside in Northford, with their two daughters, a dog, and three cats. 

    Friends and relatives of Brian have come to Premier to buy cars from all corners of Connecticut, so he knows it's always worth the drive down! 

    Brian Canell

  • Margarita Martinez
    Internet Sales Representative
    1(888) 690-6710

    Margarita joined our BDC team in November 2016, bringing with her over 3 years of customer service experience.  She loves to help out customers and strives to ensure every customer is happy and properly taken care of.  She is both a native and resident of nearby East Haven.

    Margarita Martinez

  • Jessica Gettings
    BDC Representative
    (888) 690-6710

    Jessica joined our BDC department after spending the last 10 years in the customer service industry.  Originally from Ridgefield, she now calls Branford home.  

    Jessica has bought all of her cars at Premier and loved everything from the buying process to the service department.  She also loves helping people and carse about making the sales process as easy as possible, so that you can have an enjoyable experience.  She is also very passionate about animals, politics, and her 2 girls.  

  • Office
    (203) 481-0687

  • Virginia Augustine
    Title Clerk
    (888) 690-6710

    AKA "Ginny" or "Ethel"

    Ginny was born and raised in East Haven, CT but now resides close by in Branford, CT.  She has 20+ years in automotive accounting, billing and reception.

    She's a mother of 3 grown children and is a grandmother to 7 lovely grandchildren--her pride and joy.

    She enjoys time to herself relaxing.  She also loves cooking, spending time with family and friends, and taking grandchildren for sleepovers on weekends.  She can use those relaxing weekends...after all, her desk is right outside Bob's office.

    She lived in the South for 2 years and loved it there.  She's traveled extensively up and down the Eastern coast .  She hopes her future holds even more adventure!

    Virginia Augustine


  • Andrea Esposito
    Administrative Assistant
    (888) 690-6710

    Andrea operates with us as a receptionist, administrative assistant, and an accountant assistant.  She lives in East Haven, her native town.  She really enjoys working at Premier Subaru because it is a nice positive atmosphere where the people are warm and friendly.  She loves spending time with her family and friends - she has a twin sister and a younger brother.  Her favorite time of year is summer - she likes to go for walks and spending time at the beach. 
    Andrea Esposito

  • Rabia Ekiz

    Rabia Ekiz

  • Service Department
    (203) 643- 1102

  • David Harger
    Service Director - Main Shop/Express Lane
    (888) 697-5387

    David Harger is the Director of Fixed Operations at Premier Subaru - all Service and Parts Activities for our award winning dealership report to David,

    David oversees the Service, Parts and Accessories Department, as well as the affiliate "etailer"  In his role, David oversees all aspects of the sale of Subaru parts and accessories.  He truly cares about making sure that all of our clients are completely satisfied, even personally running a part to a customer when it just "needed to get there".  Prior to joining Premier Subaru, David was involved on both the parts and service areas in a large Hyundai dealership.  His involvement with the Service Department allows him to know what parts to stock so that we can make sure we have the part in stock that your car requires. 

    David is a Certified Parts Manager by Subaru of America and a multiple year winner of the Subaru of America Circle of Excellence Award for Parts Department Excellence.

    When not at Premier Subaru, David is an avid NASCAR fan (he goes to races!) and a very busy father of 3 children!  David is a resident of Middletown, Connecticut.

    David Harger

  • Brian Iaguessa
    Service Production Manager
    (888) 697-5387

  • Scott Collins
    Assistant Service Manager
    (888) 697-5387

    Scott joined our service department after finding success with our sales staff.  Scott is a lifelong West Haven resident.  He has a background in fine jewelry as well as the movie theater business. 

    When not at Subaru, Scott can be found at home with his wife, Ashley, their two daughters, Mackenzie and Alexa, and their two dogs, Cody and Abby. On his free time, Scott enjoys cooking and taking care of the yard. 

    Scott Collins

  • Ericka Hafford
    Assistant Service Manager
    (888) 697-5387

    Ericka is back with her friends at Premier Subaru!  She is a certified service consultant who has also held the service administrator position here.  She is a native and current resident of the city of Naugatuck.  She loves to talk to customers and learn more about them and their needs.  She is always ready and willing to help, and happy to answer any questions people may have regarding the service of their vehicles.  

    When not here at the dealership, Ericka goes to night school for baking and pastry.  Her two passions are vehicles and baking.  
    Ericka Hafford

  • Brian Lavin
    Assistant Service Manager
    (888) 697-5387

    Brian has been in the automotive industry since 1975.  He has worked at both the corporate and dealership levels in various capacities, as a technician, warranty claims processor, customer relations coordinator, and service director.  He has dedicated himself to providing an excellent service experience, guided by honesty and integrity.  

    Brian grew up in Westwood, New Jersey.  He is now a Guilford resident.  After a tour of duty in the U.S. Air Force, he earned an Associate of Arts degree from Bergen Community College in 1974.  He is married and the father of two daughters and grandfather of three.  He is also a lifetime long distance runner.  
    Brian Lavin

  • Candice Slatt
    Express Service Manager
    (888) 697-5387

    Candice came on board with us in February 2016 to head up our brand new Express Service.  Originally from Irving, Texas, she now resides in Shelton.  She has 16 years of Express Lube Shop experience, so this is not her first "rodeo" - she can help you with all of your express service needs. 
    Candice Slatt

  • Gary Brown
    Express Service Assistant Manager
    1(888) 697-5387

    Nickname: Chef

    Gary is originally from Hamilton, New York, but now resides in Hamden.  He has spent 38 years as a professional chef, 40 years as an amateur ice hockey player, and enjoys watching international motorsports.
    Gary Brown

  • Cindy Rinker
    Service Administrator
    (888) 697-5387

    Cindy has been working in different areas of customer service for many years.  It comes naturally to her, as she enjoys helping others.  One of the things that drew her to the company  was Premiers participation in  working with  organizations that help people in need.


    Cindy grew up in Branford, a town she loves.  In her spare time she loves to be with her family and friends, riding her bicycle, and the peace of living near the water.

    Cindy Rinker

  • Lisa Hartshorn
    Service Administrator
    (888) 697-5387

    Nickname: LeeLee

    Lisa has over 20 years of administrative experience under her belt, including as a scheduler for over 15 years.  She has excellent interpersonal skills and is great with customer service.  

    Lisa grew up in Milford, but lives in Orange.  She is a CERT Team Member for the Town of Orange for over 8 years, a Women's Auxiliary Member of the Orange Volunteer Fire Department for over 6 years, and a part-time State of Connecticut Security Guard, licensed for over 13 years.  
    Lisa Hartshorn

  • Colleen Hickey
    Service Concierge/Loaner Car Agent
    (888) 697-5387

    Nickname: Lena

    Day off: Friday

    Colleen, a lifelong resident of Guilford, went to Aurora University in Chicago with a major in Political Science and double minor in English and International Studies.  She feels this definitely helps her interacting with customers. 

    She loves to travel and experience new adventures.  When she's not at work, chances are you'll see her at a concert.  She is also a huge Chicago Blackhawks and FC Barcelona Fan! 

  • Parts Department
    (203) 643-1103

  • Gregg Mattison
    Parts and Accessories Director
    1(866) 938-4113

  • Shaun Daly
    Assistant Parts Manager
    (866) 938-4113

    Nickname: Slim

    Shaun is originally from Branford, but now calls North Branford his home.  He is new to the automotive industry but has a total of 12 years of customer service.  He has also owned and worked on 32 of his own vehicles, and has extensive knowledge in the accessory aspect of the parts department. 

    Shaun Daly

  • Rachael Kudej
    Internet Parts Consultant

    Rachael joined our parts department as an Internet Parts Consultant, after 10 plus years in the industry as an auto mechanic.

    Rachael's love of automotive started from a very young age.  "My dad owned a garage when I was growing up in Colchester and I worked there.  This is where my passion for Automotive took off."  Rachael took automotive and machine tool classes in school and then worked at a local shop in Norwich.  

    Rachael loves making good relationships with her customers and helping out in any way that she can.  She also restores old cars and trucks as a hobby, and loves going to car shows and races.  

    Rachael Kudej

  • Technicians etc.

  • Johnny Rodriquez

    If you have brought your car in for service and got it back all washed up, Johnny is the man to thank!   Johnny, who is a resident of New Haven,  is a proud father of two.  In his past time, Johnny works on his vintage Toyota....which has the coolest paint job you EVER saw!   You know when Johnny brings the Toyota to work....Bob is drooling all over it!
    Johnny Rodridguez

  • Don Touchette

  • John-Philip Hynes

    John-Philip has been with Premier Subaru since 2011. He grew up in Clinton, and still resides there. JP is very passionate about his family, animals and action sports.

  • Andrew Narcisco

    Nickname: Andy

    Andrew joined us at Premier Subaru about 5 years ago. He is a native of Branford. Andrew is a huge sports fan, he especially loves the New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys. 

    Andrew is a family man. His daughter is his hero. Andrew is very passionate about his family.

    "Family is my world and working here is working for family too." - Andy

  • Ismael Cotto

    Ismael is one of our Technicians here at Premier Subaru. He is orginally from Puerto Rico and now resides in Meriden, CT.

  • Josh Serrano

  • Luis Sanchez

    Luis is from New Haven.  He came on board with us after completing both his technical High School and Stars certifications.  He is a hard worker and an easy going person.  He tries to be as meticulous as possible, so you can be assured that your car is fixed right the first time.

  • Wesley Piche
    Express Technician

    Wesley is from East Haven.  He came on hoard with us after going to PCI for Automotive Training.  He is willing to help you out as much as he can, so we make certain your express service work is done right.

  • Elijah Diaz

  • Ed Gertsch

Premier Subaru is proud to lead the country in corporate responsibility.  Premier Subaru is proud to employ a diverse group of individuals who promise to exceed your expectations at every turn.  Premier Subaru's diversity has been recognized by Subaru of America on a national basis.  Please allow us the opportunity to earn your confidence in our organization.  Our team is ready to assist you at any time.

If you wish to recognize employees that have exceeded your expectations, please look for our Employee Achievement Award Brochures throughout our store.