Subaru Auto Start Stop Feature

How To Video on Using Subaru Auto Start Stop

This video discusses the Auto Start Stop feature of your Subaru.  You'll learn about this environmentally friendly and fuel efficient feature and how to turn it on and off.  Auto Start Stop is engineered to reduce fuel consuption, exhaust emissions, and idling noise.

Keep in mind this informational video is specific to 2019 and newer Forester and 2020 and newer Crosstrek models equipped with CVT transmissions.

How to Use Subaru Auto Start Stop & Auto Vehicle Hold Features

This video explains Auto Start Stop and Auto Vehicle Hold features found in 2020-2021 Outback and Legacy models.  It will walk you through what to expect from these features and how to turn them on or off.

Auto Vehicle Hold is designed to keep your vehicle stopped even after you release the brake pedal.  It's a great safety feature that can hold you at a stopped position on hilly conditions or prevent you from progressing forward if your distracted while stopped at lights or stop signs.