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1. Start With Basic Information

After searching our inventory and finding the New Kia you want, click the "Build My Deal" button. You'll start by answering 5 questions to start the process of your purchase. Once you're done, press "Continue". Next, you can tell us about your trade if you have one.

2. Trade-In Option

In with the new and out with the old? No problem! If you have a vehicle to trade, you can select "Yes, I have a Trade in" and give us your vehicle information, or select "No, I don't have a Trade in". Hit "Continue"

3. Current Incentives

We now tell you what incentives are available on the vehicle you choose. We give you the incentives everyone qualifies for and some other incentives that you could qualify for. At his point you can hit continue the save your progress by giving us your Name, Email and Phone number.

4. Select Your Payments

We give you a range of payment options. We give you financing payments, cash or outside financing options and lease payments.  You can select the option best for you to see all the details. Once you've decided the way you want to go. Click "Continue" to see some protection options that are available to you.

5. Let's Protect Your New Investment!

Here you can choose some protection plans that we offer for your vehicle. You can select the option best for you to see all the details. Once you've decided the way you want to go. Click "Continue"

6. You Decide What's Next

At this point you almost done. You have 2 options. You can collect a Fast Pass and schedule your appointment to finish your purchase in person or you can complete the final details of your loan or lease by getting approved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have a question that is not answered here, please call, email, text, or chat with us and we'll get you an answer promptly.

When can I test drive the vehicle?

You can choose to have the test drive be the first step in your delivery process - or you can have your vehicle brought to you for a test drive in advance. Your purchase is always subject to your approval of both the vehicle and the transaction details.

Pick out the car you want and use the Buy Online shopping cart to make sure it fits your budget. Your completion step will include the option to pick up the vehicle at the dealership or have it delivered to your home or office. Whether you complete your test drive in advance or do it as a final step, you'll always drive the vehicle prior to finishing the delivery process. No matter the sequence - If for any reason the vehicle doesn't meet your expectations, our exclusive Premier Advantage 3 Day Exchange Policy means you can bring it back and we'll start over.

Is delivery available if I live or work far away?

Yes! We deliver anywhere! Shipping charges may apply. Just enter to your zip code where you would like your new vehicle delivered, click the "home delivery" button and our system will calculate the cost for you.

Am I required to give a deposit or make a down payment to complete my purchase or lease arrangement online?

No. You can complete a purchase or lease arrangement online without money down. Many of our customers choose to do financing or leasing with no money at all. In the event you decide to use a down payment, you can do that at delivery and our staff will guide you through payment options.

How does the trade-in of my old car work?

We use the third-party independent valuation calculator provided by Kelley Blue Book. You'll enter your vehicle info and select "Very Good", "Good" or "Fair" based on the description of each condition. You'll immediately be presented with the actual cash value of your trade-in that you can apply to your vehicle purchase or lease. Prior to delivery - our Vehicle Specialist will confirm your trade-in details. We'll verify the amount owed (if applicable). Our experience has been that our customer's trade descriptions and the calculated values are quite accurate. We'll inspect your vehicle either prior to or at delivery. Our customers are generally good about letting us know of any concerns so that we can make sure the transaction meets expectations. If for any reason the Actual Cash Value offered for your trade-in appears inaccurate or if you have any questions, please let us know and we'll review the details for you. A final trade in value must always include a vehicle inspection by one of our trained professionals before a final cash value can be reached.

What about financing, rates and terms?

When you select a credit-score range, you immediately see your payment, rate and term. We have dozens of lenders and programs that compete for your business. Once submitted, we find an approval that works for you. Buying online doesn't always ensure your automatically approved however. Approval is validated by the banks after the specific information you provided is submitted.

How does home or Work Delivery work?

We'll review all the transactions details with you in advance. You'll know the exact price and terms. Your vehicle, registration, title and related information will be verified accurate to make sure we get things done right. If there is anything to be resolved prior to delivery, your Vehicle Specialist will follow up and make sure it happens as you expect. You select a date, time and location. Your Vehicle Specialist will inspect your vehicle at the dealership to make sure it's 100% ready for delivery to you. At your home, you'll test drive your vehicle. Your Specialist will go over the vehicle and make sure you are comfortable with its features. When satisfied, you and your Specialist will go through the paperwork together with each document explained. Your Specialist will provide a virtual tour / introduction to our service department and we'll book your first service.