Operating The Subaru Power Rear Gate

Learn to Operate The Power Rear Gate | Ascent and Forester Models

This video will show you the three ways you can operate the power rear gate on your 2019 and newer Subaru Forester or Ascent.  Remember, your Subaru's doors must be unlocked before you can open or close the rear gate.  If you hear three beeps, that means your vehicle is still locked.  Setting up the rear gate memory height will also be covered in the additional videos below.

Setting Up Your Power Rear Gate Memory Height

The Memory Height on your Subaru's Power Rear Gate is a great feature.  Learn how to prevent dents and scratches from the power rear gate hitting low ceilings or garage doors.  Memory height settings can also help those with a shorter reach more easily use the close and lock buttons on the rear gate.  This video is specific to 2019 and newer Subaru Ascents and Foresters. 

Power Rear Gate Overview For 2020 And Newer Outback Models

This video provides owners with information on the functions and capabilities of your power rear gate.  You will learn the different sounds and methods for operating the rear gate.  The last video in the series has instructions on how to set the Memory Height for these newer Outback models below.

How To Set Your Outback's Power Rear Gate Memory Height

This final video is specific to the 2020 and newer Outback models that are equipped with a memory height option.  It will discuss the different ways you can set the memory height by using the dashboard buttons and/or the key fob.