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Older Model Subaru Head Gasket Problems and How To Address

If you owned a Subaru for some time, you probably know about the Subaru head gasket problem. This is an issue that has affected many of Subaru's top cars since the 1990s, and it still plagues some car owners - especially those who currently own some of the older Subaru models that are still seen on the road these days. While the Japanese manufacturer has taken many measures to ensure that their head gaskets no longer need replacing as frequently as they used to, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the problem and find out how it can be repaired properly, if your mechanic tells you that you have a blown head gasket.

The Subaru Head Gasket Problem | Part Description and History

So, before we go into Subaru's common problem with head gaskets, it's important to know what a head gasket actually is. A head gasket is an engine component that stands between the cylinder heads and the engine blocks to ensure that none of the fluids used to run, cool or keep your engine working properly will mix, and that the cylinders don't lose any of the pressure that keeps your engine running at full capacity. Head gaskets are very similar, although they can come in different sizes and materials. The main thing to look for when a head gasket "blows" is whether the leak produced is external or internal, how bad the leak is and where it is located specifically.

Subaru's head gasket problems originated when the company first started using a composite head gasket for their 1997 and 1999 models. The new head gasket simply didn't fit properly with the other engine components, but instead of redesigning it, Subaru decided to redesign some of the camshaft configurations and the cylinder heads. The result was that, instead of the coolant leaking into the exhaust chamber, coolant and oil began to leak externally.

What Options Are There to Repair Head Gaskets

As prevention is the best remedy, you can try avoiding a head gasket leak in the first place by changing the oil regularly, preventing rust and corrosion by cleaning the battery and its surroundings on a regular basis, and checking and changing your Subaru's coolant as soon as you notice that the fluid is dirty.

The best way to deal with a blown head gasket for your Subaru vehicle is by hiring the experts of a dependable Subaru engine repair service in your area. They have detailed knowledge not only about the materials and construction of the head gasket your car uses, but also possess the insight necessary to evaluate the extent and seriousness of the problem, and to determine whether a quick fix with the help of a chemical stop-leak product is enough, or a full replacement is required.

These two options are the only ones for dealing with a head gasket leak. Stop-leak chemical formulas are cheaper and easier to use. If your head gasket leak isn't extensive, they can still be used. Still, even though some products are available for DIY repair, it is typically recommended to still bring your car to a dependable Subaru service center, if you want to prevent the need for recurring fixes.

Even though a head gasket can be repaired or replaced fairly quickly, the work involved is definitely not cheap. So, if you don't want to spend too much money on having your Subaru head gasket fixed or replaced, consider the above tips on observing the proper maintenance requirements and keeping your car running at top performance for as long.

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