You've Decided On Premier Subaru. But...  

Should You Lease or Buy Your New Subaru? Here are Some Tips For Deciding Which is Better

You've got your new vehicle all picked out and you know you're getting it from Premier Subaru in Branford CT. All that remains is one last step: deciding on your financing. While in the past you've always bought your vehicles, you've been hearing more and more about leasing and are unsure which is the better option for you.

At Premier Subaru we want to assist our customers make wise car-buying decisions. This is why we spend the time making sure that you get the vehicle that is just right for you, with the finance terms that works for you and your unique life. Our trained finance professionals are happy to take all the time you need to go over your finance options.

If you've been wondering how a lease differs from an auto loan, we've compiled some helpful information about the differences between the two here.

Advantages a Subaru Lease
•    Lower monthly payments
•    Less money out of pocket at inception
•    Drive a more well-equipped vehicle for less payment
•    Lower repair costs (24 and 36 month leases are covered for most repairs by Subaru factory warranty)
•    Easily drive a new vehicle every 2 or 3 years

Advantages of Purchasing Your New Subaru
•    No  mileage restrictions
•    Long term ownership is less expensive for those who ultimately keep their vehicle
•    Aftermarket accessories or modifications not restricted as owner
•    Opportunity to build equity based on care and upkeep

Only you can determine which choice-leasing or buying-is right for you and your specific needs. Students and working professionals often enjoy lease options as it allows them the security of a new car with little money down. Sometimes older drivers or those with children prefer to buy a car, so that they can pass it along to family when it has aged significantly. Our team of finance professionals would be happy to discuss both options with you and help you make the decision that fits you best.

We're located conveniently in Branford, Connecticut, and are just a short drive from East Haven, New Haven, Hamden and Wallingford, CT, and look forward to seeing you soon.