What vehicles are impacted by this Subaru recall?

Subaru Legacy and Subaru Outback models between 2010 and 2014 with manual transmissions are being recalled.  No automatic transmission models are effected by this manufacturer defect.

Description of the WTV-81 Safety Recall:

The Electronic Parking Brake (or EPB) Actuator recall is due to a manufacturer defect in a component of a circuit board in the control unit of the EPB.  The actuator stroke sensor magnetic ring within a capcitor of the ciruit board can become cracked.  If a crack develops owners would notice a dashboard brake warning indicator light.  At this point the EPB may not operate as intended.  This puts drivers of these sedans and suvs at risk if the shift lever is not properly positioned when parking.  If the EPG does not engage properly the vehicle could roll if left on uneven ground.

What is done to address this EPB problem and how long does it take to fix?

Subaru has made a more durable replacement capacitor out of stronger materials.  The repair should be performed by a Subaru Certified Technician at your local Subaru Dealership.  The Premier service department can fix address the issue within a two hour period if we have the part in stock at the time of your visit.  We recommend you schedule an appointment and we'll be certain to get the parts in house before you arrive.


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