The New Alignment Checker at Premier Subaru

Upon entry to the Premier Subaru drive-in service area your vehicles tires and alignment will be scanned by a unique laser system.  This system will measure your wheel alignment and tire values as it compares to manufacturer specifications to see if your vehicle meets guidelines.  Over 275,000 wheel measurements will be taken as you pull in and compared to specifications for your exact vehicle make and model. You can see your vehicles scan results on a screen in the service area.  Our team will let you know if you're in need of potential repairs or if you vehicle requires an alignment.

RX10 Flush Mounted Wheel Alignment Lift

This state of the art wheel alignment system has rear slip plates and front turn tables that allow for fast and accurate alignment corrections.  Specially engineered wheel targets only contact your tire and wheel with neoprene rubber avoiding any chance of damage.  This technology won't be found in your regular repair shops.  Premier Subaru's service shop knows our customer want the very best so they can quickly and safely get back on the road.

Do I Need an Alignment?

Does your steering wheel shake?
Does your car/truck pull to one side or the other?
Does it shake or "shimmy" down the road?

These might be signs that your wheels are out of alignment. It's easy to check and can save you lots of money "down the road".

What Can Impact Alignment?

All your car's systems work together to give you a safe, confortable ride. However, when one system goes slightly out of specification, that can have a domino-effect on other systems.

For example, your alignment might be affected by uneven tire-wear, damaged wheels or by worn parts in the suspension.

How Long Will it Take?

With our state-of-the-art, Hunter Hawkeye Alignment System, it takes less than 2 minutes to get a full, digital readout of your alignment system. Yes, you read that right - under 2 minutes.

We think that's time well-spent. Come in today to see if your vehicle is still performing it's best.

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picture of wheel alignment

Camber, Caster, Toe?

The three main measurements of your wheels give your Subaru Service Technician an accurate reading of whether your car is rolling properly. Being able to quickly evaluate these and other measurements is the best way to prevent costly repairs and premature tire wear.
With our new Hunter Quick Check Drive system we can measure your alignment, tread wear and more in just a few seconds. If you need service, you'll know right away and if you don't you'll head home with that Subaru peace-of-mind.
And isn't that why you bought a Subaru in the first place?
Many alignment machines can compare your "before" and "after" alignment angles to the manufacturers' specifications. Getting a post- alignment printout will help you confirm that your vehicle is within specifications and the thoroughness of the alignment technician and can show you and damage from a suspension-damaging road hazard.
picture of subaru wheel alignment scanner

Oil Change and Fluids Service at Premier Subaru. 

How Often Should I Bring My Vehicle in for an Oil Change?

This can vary. Each vehicle is different and requires unique attention. Generally, oil changes should occur every few months or every few thousand miles. Our technicians can help determine if and when your vehicle needs an oil change.

What Kind of Oil Does my Vehicle Need?

Again, this varies. There are dozens of varieties of motor oils and every engine needs the proper type to function properly. Whether you need 5W-20 or 10W-30, synthetic or high-mileage, we can help determine what kind of oil is best for your engine.

Can I Change My Vehicle's Oil Myself?

Technically, yes - but we recommend using a certified mechanic. Mechanics have specialized training and knowledge for specific vehicle makes and models. Our technicians know the specs and required steps for servicing Subaru models.

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