What You Should Know about Windshield Repair

Although windshields are made from durable glass treated to ensure the safety of the cabin, they will still get damaged over time or even shattered on strong impact. Windshield replacement or repair might be a nuisance, but if your windshield has caught a stone during the last ride and it has developed a crack or a chip, taking your car to a Subaru specialist is the best way to maintain your car in good driving condition. Depending on how severe the damage sustained by your windshield, auto glass repair might be a suitable alternative to replacement, but you will need a very careful evaluation to determine the best course of action. Here are some important things to know about windshield repair and replacement.

Small Repairs

picture of window chipIn some cases, windshield damage can be repaired. Small damage, such as bullseye chips caused by small rocks that jump from the road surface can be filled with resin to restore the smoothness of the damaged surface and small cracks can also be filled to stop them from spreading and to make them less visible. However, the damage corrected will still be visible to a certain extent, so if the crack or dent is in an area where it hinders visibility, the best and only solution is windshield replacement.

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If the damage sustained by your car window is more extensive and windshield replacement is needed, the procedure is carried out using special tools to remove the compromised glass and to install the new window. In the case of older or less sophisticated vehicles, the process of windshield replacement is simple and involves only the removal of the old material and the installation of the new glass. Schedule a visit

Why Subaru Replacement Only

In the case of modern cars the process is more complicated – most Subarus are equipped with sophisticated driver safety systems that use sensors and other electronic components to ensure driving safety and to monitor the condition of the windshield. Because these systems are unique to your Subaru, our technicians at Premier are best suited to re-calibrate all these highly complex and sensitive safety systems. Schedule a visit

Windshield repair and replacement at Premier Subaru

An often complex job that should be left to factory trained professionals. Because so many safety features are located in or near your windshield, replacement can only be done using products that meet the specifications of the car manufacturer. Windshield replacement is best done with the products indicated in the car's manual and by qualified and certified Subaru technicians - failure to comply with these requirements might impair the improper functioning of your car and might also void your car's warranty.

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