Replacing Your Battery


All Subaru vehicles are equipped with maintenance-free batteries. The term "maintenance-free" can be misleading - as these batteries do require some attention to maintain their cleanliness and efficiency.

It is extremely important to have your car's battery checked by a Subaru-trained technician regularly. A battery check will include an examination of cable connections for cleanliness and tightness. Loose or corroded connections can dramatically diminish your car's starting power; and if the connections grow loose or crusty enough, they can shut off your car's electrical flow entirely and leave you thinking you have a dead battery.

High temperatures also reduce the efficiency at which a battery is recharged.

Fall/Winter driving conditions frequently require the use of A/C for extended periods while driving at slow speeds. This additional load requires the charging system to work properly so that it sufficiently charges the battery the next time you start your car's engine. For this reason, your service technician should also check your battery's charging system and voltage regulator, and inspect your vehicle's alternator to ensure that all components are operating properly.

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Why Does my Battery wear Down

Here are 6 reasons your battery might wear out sooner than you'd like:

A faulty Alternator - This is what recharges your battery. if the alternator isn't working right, your battery will suffer damage as a result.

Extreme Temperatures - you know our New England winters can really stress a battery, but temperatures over 100 degrees are also a battery killer. Summer shade and a warm garages in winter can make a big difference.

Damaged or Loose Cables - these mean your battery might not be getting a full charge, even when everything appears to be working well.

Not Enough Use - If you don't run your car often enough, you battery can drain just keeping small things - like your clock - running. 

Human Error - we've all done it ... left the lights on, didn't close the doors and the overhead lights remain on all night.

Old Age - even the most well-maintained battery will eventually just wear out. Batteries are expected to last, on average, two to five years depending on things like climate, battery type and quality.

Signs You Should Get Your Battery Checked

The longer you have your car, the more familiar you become with it. Your senses are your best tool to detect when something might be under-performing. You should get your battery or electrical system checked if you notice any of the following:  
  • The dash and interior lights dim more than normal when starting 
  • It takes longer that normal to start your car 
  • Your headlights are dimmer than usual 
  • You need a jump start more often. 

Checking your car's charging system is quick and easy for our trained technicians.

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